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Mobility and Smart Working Technology Bruck an der Mur The Project M-SWITCH develops an integrated smart city concept with innovative solutions and … read more ›

Optimization of the salt production process

Visualization of sole clarification and evaporation with MS excel Salinen Austria AG produces salt for different applications such as cooking or use … read more ›

Heat storage in heat exchanger networks

In many production processes, liquid or gaseous raw materials as well as intermediate and end products have to be heated and cooled again. In complica … read more ›


Cogeneration plants are an efficient way to share power and heat generation. So-called mico combined heat and power plants, with a maximum electrical … read more ›

Electrolysis simulation

Power-to-gas is a process that refers to the conversion of electrical energy to chemical energy stored in gas. In water electrolysis, hydrogen and oxy … read more ›
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