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Optimal system integration of ThermoChem

In the treatment of urban waste water, a large quantity of sludge is disposed of as untapped energy. This energy could be used to supply the electricity and heat to maintain the treatment process or even feed energy back into the grid, however this is only done in rare cases. Hence, in conjunction with SynGas GmbH & Co KG, the Chair of EVT investigates this topic.

The project takes a comprehensive top-down approach, extending over several observation levels each with a different level of details to the problem.

The research begins with the analysis of the environment of a sewage treatment plant and the possible integration of a sludge gasification plant with the municipal treatment system as a whole.

Going one level deeper, the integration of the gasification system is considered in the treatment plant. Using a methodological approach, such as exergy analysis or pinch analysis, the optimal integration of the gasification system is explored. The analyses are completed at many different heat fluxes at different temperature levels in the treatment plant.

The gasification system is modelled using process simulation programs in order to optimise the gasification and gas cleaning process.

The project will eventually reach all the way to the development of system components such as an innovative pyrolysis screw to improve the multi-stage gasification process.

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Optimal system integration of ThermoChem