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Showcase-region energy „Industry-axis Mur-Mürz“

The Styrian Industry-axis Mur-Mürz-Valley is one of Austria’s highest industrialized regions. Today there are efforts by the region’s huge industrial-companies to make their own processes more energy-efficient and to form energy-networks with public environments.

Within this context, a world-wide-visible showcase-region “Industry-axis Mur- /Mürz” should be prepared. In an optimal test-bed, using as possible Austrian energy-technologies and –systems, the interaction between the energy-intensive industry, regional energy demand and regional energy-potentials is in the focus. The aim is focused on solutions allowing at least a part-time energy autarky of the region.

In order to implement this resilient development in the region, all relevant stakeholders (industry, commerce, daily users, scientific community, municipalities, ect…) have to be picked up as early as possible. Therefore, an interactive innovation-process, in the form of living-lab-structures, is going to be settled in the stakeholder’s real-life environments. An implementation-roadmap, as one of the project’s results, contains, in addition to the definition of implementation-projects, a time- and finance-schedule on a 5-year-base. In relation to that, evaluation and monitoring-methods shall be developed in order to control the effects of the determined measures.



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Showcase-region energy „Industry-axis Mur-Mürz“