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Energy Model Region „Green Tech Valley 2022“

The aim of this exploratory project is to develop an overall concept for covering 100% of the Styrian energy consumption with renewable energy sources. It is planned to generate an Energy Model Region, based on the technological, economic and social strengths of the hotspot, internationally known as Green Tech Valley.

Members of the strong consortium include ten global technology leaders located in Austria, four innovative energy service providers, six specialized research facilities, further project partners and political departments.

Taking into account the technological strengths of the companies, the economical relevance and the benefits for the whole energy system, the focus is set on the following issues:

  • Flexible production and storage of electricity and heating/cooling
  • Intelligent and energy-efficient networking of consumer and production
  • Connection of heat, electricity and mobility through integrated hybrid networks

Connections to the model region are, inter alia, solar district heating and storage at worldwide unprecedented scales, supply of balancing energy through hydraulic power stations, large-scale use of photovoltaic (Grätzel cells), as well as new defined interfaces concerning mobility.

Within this exploratory project a vision, an overall concept and the project cluster are planned prior to the implementation phase in 2022. The goal is to generate an international path-breaking flagship project demonstrating new interactions between heating/cooling, power and mobility.

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Energy Model Region „Green Tech Valley 2022“