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Studying at EVT

Industrial Energy Technology



Bachelor's Degree

Required Courses:
Introduction to energy technology (1 ECTS) 2. Semester
Species- and usage of energy and energy conversion (2 ECTS) 5. Semester
Bachelor‘s Thesis (8 ECTS) 7. Semester


Master's Degree
Required Courses:
Thermal power engineering (4,5 ECTS) 1. Semester
Energy networks (2 ECTS) 2. Semester
Process Oriented Energy Compounds (2 ECTS) 3. Semester
Project “Industrial power engineering“ (6 ECTS) 3. Semester
Exurcion “Industrial power engineering“ (2 ECTS) 3. Semester
Master‘s Thesis (30 ECTS) 4. Semester
Restricted Electives:
Energy efficiency of thermal and mechanical plants (3 ECTS)


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Teaching & Learning