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Studying Industrial Energy Technology

In the current environment of increasing global energy demands, it is particularly important that students learn the knowledge and skills to identify and exploit potential energy savings.

The interdisciplinary study of Industrial Energy Technology includes fields such as innovative energy technologies, fuel technology, thermal process engineering, electrical engineering, sustainability, economic and ecological assessment and energy management, energy markets, and energy law. The overall focus is on the processes of basic and intermediate goods industries.

Bachelor’s Degree

In addition to the technical and scientific fundamentals, students acquire knowledge in subject areas such as process technology, energy technology, emission control and environmental analysis and business administration. In the seventh semester, a Bachelor’s thesis must be written.

Bachelor Degree 1

Master’s Degree

In the Masters course in addition to the required courses in the subject areas of energy supply, energy use, energy process engineering and energy management project work, the Master’s thesis and subject-specific industry work experience are essential pillars of the program. 

Masters Degree 2

The Master’s Program

  • Provides strong working knowledge of basic technical expertise in theory, methodology, industrial applications as well as economic thinking,
  • On this basis provides a scientific and practical approach to energy technology, particularly in regard to the application and utilisation of such knowledge
  • Gives comprehensive problem-solving skills in the specified areas of sustainable energy technology
  • With the skills to find innovative, functional, cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions for engineering problems
  • Made possible by the interdisciplinary subjects and the overall selection of the subjects with the coordination of individual disciplines.

Qualifications / Employment potential

There is a high demand in the industry for well-trained energy technology engineers all over the world. The study of Industrial Energy Technology aims to give students qualifications for technical research, advanced development, product development, production, planning, sales commissioning, maintenance and upkeep of systems and the possibility of a leading position in a project group. The areas of potential employment include:

  • General energy supply in the industry with a particular emphasis on sustainable and environmental
  • Development and deployment of renewable and alternative energy
  • Energy conversion and industrial use of energy with high efficiency
  • Development and utilisation of innovative energy technologies
  • Energy networking
  • Economic and ecological assessments of energy efficiency improvements
  • Energy management
  • Sustainable specialist sales and planning


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Studying Industrial Energy Technology